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The History of KCI

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Dr. Leininger currently owns, founded or was a major investor in over 100 corporations.


  • Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
    • Founded Kinetic Concepts, Inc. in a one-bedroom apartment in 1976. Served as Chairman of the Board, President and CEO 1979 to 1980, and from 1990 to 1993; served as Chairman of the Board from 1976 until 1998. Currently serving as Chairman Emeritus of Board of Directors.
    • KCI is now a publicly held Wound Care Company with annual worldwide sales of over $1.9 billion and over 7,000 employees world wide.
    • KCI is known as an innovative and clinically oriented wound care company, which started in 1976 with the Roto Rest Kinetic Treatment table, an intensive care bed for patients with multiple trauma, spinal cord injury, head injury and pulmonary complications. In 1984 the Kin-Air (air-flotation) bed was added to treat immobile patients who had bed sores as well as burn patients. Patients with advanced cancer were often treated to relieve the severe pain. Other therapeutic floatation beds were added including the Biodyne, Therapulse and Fluidaire to relieve pain and suffering.
      The Baricare was developed to treat extremely obese patients (up to 1000 lbs.). The Roto Prone has recently been introduced to treat patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Over 13 million patients have been successfully treated over the years by these therapeutic surfaces and wound care products.
      In 1995 KCI introduced the VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) wound healing technology. This technology has revolutionized the treatment of large open wounds, diabetic ulcers, and pressure ulcers. The VAC has been used to treat over one million patients with large open wounds and has helped heal many wounds that would have previously proven fatal. By improving healing and circulation the Wound VAC has prevented thousands of lower leg amputations (mostly from diabetic ulcers).
      A recent study of our GI’s in Iraq with large open injuries usually caused by explosions showed that the Wound VAC decreased the infection rate from 80% to under 1% and reduced the time to wound closure from 60 days to 4.2 days. Over 500 scientific papers have been published in medical journals documenting the incredible effectiveness of the Wound VAC in healing large open wounds.
    • 1977 - KCI invented the specialized hospital bed rental business.
    • 1978 to Present KCI granted over 1000 patents relating to the design and original invention of various medical equipment and devices.
    • KCI Innovations include: First to introduce rotating treatment table for multiple trauma; First to introduce under bed scales, first to introduce in bed patient scales; First to introduce computerized hospital bed; First to introduce a one piece air flotation bed (Kin-Air); First to introduce air flotation rotating and pulsating beds (Therapuluse and Biodyne); First to introduce bariatric hospital bed for patients up to 1,000 pounds; First to introduce an air flotation bariatric bed; First to introduce an air cooled hospital bed; First to use Gore-Tex™ breathable fabric on a hospital bed; First to introduce rotation, vibration and percussion to help clear lungs of trauma or respirator dependent patients; The first rotating-proning treatment system for respiratory failure; First to introduce the Vacuum Assisted Closure wound care products which revolutionized wound care world wide; and many, many more.
  • Renal Care Group (RCG)—Founded by Dr. Leininger, Dr. Harry Jacobson and the late Sam Brooks in 1995. RCG was recently sold to Fresinius, Inc. for $3.4 billion. Initial investors who kept their shares received $164 for every $1 invested.
  • San Antonio Spurs—minority owner since 1992, member Board of Directors, Executive Committee. The Spurs won the NBA title four (4) times (1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007) and have been voted the Professional Sports Team of the Year by ESPN two out of the last four years (2004 and 2006) out of 122 NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB franchises. The Spurs are the only professional sports team to rank in the top 3 every year that ESPN has conducted its annual "The Ultimate Standings" survey.
  • Promised Land Dairy, Floresville, Texas—A desire for healthy milk products to be made available to the general public was the driving force in the development of this company. Due to the large amount of hormones given to dairy cows, Dr. Leininger was concerned for the wellbeing of those who drank large quantities of milk (especially children). All Promised Land milk comes only from Jersey cows, and is all natural, containing no artificial hormones.
  • Formerly owned one of the top 10 Turkey Producers in the world, Willow Brooke Foods, Springfield, Missouri and Sunday House Smoked Turkeys, Fredericksburg, Texas.
  • Founded Home Court America, Health and Wellness Club, San Antonio, Texas.
  • National Imaging Affiliates (NIA)—Dr. Leininger founded NIA. The company, which owned outpatient imaging centers was sold to Health South, Inc.
  • A Founding Director of Emergency Physicians Affiliates, which administered three Baptist Hospital Emergency Rooms and Metropolitan General Hospital Emergency Room in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Extensive Real Estate and ranching investments since 1966.